The Barbeque

Today I programmed my GPS. I haven’t named him yet — most likely, he’ll be named Marvin II (my first GPS was named Marvin).

My annual family barbeque was today. My cousins got me these interesting Texas novelties to decorate my apartment with — I’m not 100% sure if both of them will make it to Texas though. They were pretty cool. One was sort of a ceramic picture of the Texas flag with what I would guess to be the Texas state flower. The other was a hanging glass decorative item (still with the Texas flag) with the longhorn, state flower (assumed), and cowboy boots — I’m guessing this one will come with me as it is more practical. Also, they got me a guide book, which was great because now I don’t need to get one!

The barbeque was awesome and my road trip buddy has officially been invited to Peter Lugers on Thursday night — a huge invite for those of you who know what/where Luger’s is. (more details to follow)

I’m “skyping” with a few of my friends so I’m going to cut this update short. I may update some more after I get off the “phone”.


That was nice. A few of my friends from Amherst just surprised Google Video chatted with me.

Back to the Luger’s discussion: Peter Luger‘s is a FANTASTIC steakhouse in Brooklyn, NY. My mom always used to tell me the story of how she went into labor with me the morning after she had dinner there. Anyways, the steakhouse is located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn and if you’re ever down there (obviously go to the steakhouse, but bring LOTS O’CASH because they don’t accept credit cards [except their own which I’m guessing most of you don’t have]) you should stop by the Brooklyn Brewery which is about 2 miles (or so) away from the heavenly steakhouse.

My dad basically said that if Keith (my friend who is braving the 2000+ mile road trip with me) wouldn’t eat his steak at least medium-rare (anything more cooked than that is unacceptable in my family — I personally like my steak to moo in my mouth) he wouldn’t be coming to this restaurant with us. That being said, I was sent an array of steak pictures from Keith that showed us he would eat the medium-rare steak at Peter Lugers — chances are we’ll order rare steak and just tell him it’s medium-rare.

In getting prepared for tomorrow, I am going to submit two papers for publication, being to clean out my closet, move books from one bookshelf to another, and hopefully not slit my wrists in the process.

As a final send off — BITE ME GOOGLE FOR NOT HAVING DEVELOPED A GOOGLE+ APPLICATION FOR THE IPAD. This isn’t WebOS, that app should have been developed and released the same day as the iPhone app, which isn’t even compatible with the iPod touch or iPad series.

bonne nuit.


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