August 1st — the paper deadline

T-minus 913 minutes until the TRB paper submission website closes and of the two papers I am submitting only one has been submitted (shortly after I finish posting, I will be submitting the other). Everything I wanted to do today, of course, wasn’t done but at least I have about 4 hours until midnight to get it done.

In prepping for my move to Austin, I wanted to rid my closet of clothing that I no longer use and will no longer be used (example: the 3 heavy winter jackets). The idea is to figure out what I can bring to Austin and what I need to buy for Austin. My stepmother is insisting that I wait until I get to Texas and “see what all the other young kids are wearing” — in an attempt to avoid clashing or having to buy an additional set of clothing. Aside from the stetsons and cowboy boots, I’m almost certain that what people wear up here (during the summer months) is pretty much what they wear down there. Although arguable, I’m not ACTUALLY moving to another country.

In an attempt to make myself feel better about the lack of Austin-y productiveness today, I am going to make a list of what I did do in preparation for the Austin move:

  • Read apartment lease papers. (and found out that in the event that I die, I’m still responsible for paying rent. This comes from a standard Texas apartment lease — I had to Google it because I couldn’t copy and paste the one from my lease. Not to sound insensitive or anything, but I’m pretty sure in the event of their death, the Jews got a break on rent in 1945; Come on Texas, get with the program.)

“If you are the sole resident, upon your death you may terminate the Lease Contract without penalty with at least 30 days written notice. You will be liable for payment of rent until the latter of: (1)the termination date, or (2) until all possessions in the apartment are removed. You will be liable for all rent, charges, and damages to the apartment until it is vacated, and any removal and storage costs.”

  • Called the management company to see what the deal was with August’s rent (never received a call back)
  • Thought about cleaning out my closets
  • Ate Chipotle

Looking back, I think my day was semi productive.

Now that I am certain I have most likely offended more than 5 people, I’m going to get back to my paper submission.

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One Response to August 1st — the paper deadline

  1. Dan says:

    can you overnight ship me a burrito from chipotle? thx!

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