Degrassi: Now or Never

Editorial note: this is being written from my wife’s house in New Jersey on my iPad 2. We are currently watching Degrassi and yelling at Fiona to not take a sip of the alcohol.

I woke up this morning, showered, brushed my teeth, etc. and then went to get my car washed. $100 later, I had a fully detailed car and the knowledge of the existence of three dinks on my bumper– oh well.

I then went to the doctor where I got two shots (one in each arm) and THEY ARE SORE like mother f-ers. After that I renewed my library card, got a cupcake, and made headway on my Austin packing.

I unpacked all my stuff from Amherst so now I’m ready to start packing for Austin!!

At around 4pm today, I headed to New Jersey to visit my grandmother. She’s 91 years old and constantly reminds me that she’s probably going to be dead by the time I come home for Christmas. Surprisingly, she was feeling quite alive today and didn’t bring up her coming death day. We had dinner at some Italian restaurant (which was pretty meh) and then had Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

I’m now at my wife’s house waiting to go to Newark to pick up some weirdo who is road tripping with me to Austin.

Anyways, I need to update my Facebook to include my unborn virtual child that we’re expecting.

Nighty night.


I SAW ICE T AND COCO AT THE NEWARK LIBERTY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT!! I’m pretty sure Ice T winked at me (and although I HATE it when people wink, when he did it, it was awesome!) because I just stood there with my jaw dropped, in awe at his awesomeness. I’ve seen every episode of SVU on Netflix which means I’ve probably spent more time with him than my own step mother. He has been on SVU since 2000 — he’s been in my life longer than I’ve been in Greenwich. woah.

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