Breathe in and breathe out

I meant to post last night but Keith’s luggage is missing so that’s sort of become a priority (considering we’re leaving tomorrow).

For the record, NEVER FLY WITH CONTINENTAL/UNITED. This is probably the worst combination in history. I have only had problems with these two airlines — everyone else has been great. Their customer service is awful (probably because they’re frustrated with dealing with all these complaints) and no one seems to know where this bag is.

I went shopping for Austin yesterday, which also was a terrible fail. The stores didn’t have what I was looking for and if they did it wasn’t the right size. I got my father bed sheets because he wanted them — they are very nice though. My stepmother wasn’t entirely thrilled with them so I reminded her that I could always take them off their hands if they wanted me to.

I’m super tired and annoyed with life right now, so I may cut this post short and go shoot a puppy or two.

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