A better update

So we left Knoxville and are in Huntsville, but I feel like my 50 word post did not do our driving experience to Knoxville justice.

From Charlottesville, VA to Knoxville, TN, we saw an UNCOUNTABLE amount of “Fireworks Superstores”. Also, did you know that Tennessee is home to the worlds largest “As Seen on TV” Store? BECAUSE YOU DO NOW. Seriously, what is wrong with this country that this is a tourist attraction? We also went to the Russell Stover’s Candies Factory Outlet — it was incredibly trashy BUT cheap!! I can say stuff like that because I’m a Jew and just fulfilling my penny-saving quota for the day.

Evidently it was “tax free” weekend in Knoxville, TN so everyone and their mothers were out trying to find “back-to-school” crap (the tax free status was only applied to school items, including laptop computers for less than $1500 — Sorry Apple products, you barely make that cut). We had to go to Best Buy to buy a carport splitter, which isn’t really working but oh well.

More importantly, our drive today. Today marked the day that I was in two time zones at once. I called my dad right after (he missed my call and call me back shortly) and SCREAMED, “I WAS IN TWO TIME ZONES AT ONCE!!!” I’ve never driven through another timezone, so I was really excited.

Also, we visited the Volkswagon Manufacturing Plant in Chattanooga, TN. It’s a brand new plant and it’s not even open for tours yet. I saw a sign for “Volkwagon Dr” on the highway and said to Eva, “Baby, this is where you were born!” and told Keith we were going to see this place. IT WAS AWESOME. The security guard was super friendly and told us that the plant wasn’t open to the public until Mid-September and that the first car produced from that factory hasn’t been sold. He also told me that Eva Braun was in fact made in Germany and shipped to the United States. I told him that I was hoping I had a “green” car and he said that this plant was probably one of the greenest car production plants in the country. I also let Keith drive my car for 5 minutes. Followed by 2 heart attacks, I took the wheel back and told him to get out of the driver’s seat. I’m trying to teach him how to drive stick and it wasn’t that he was bad, it’s just that Eva’s my baby.

So the reason we //had// to go to Huntsville, was for the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. It was pretty cool. Not something I would necessarily choose to go to; however, Eva’s husband (Adolf; for those of you still wondering) was mentioned in one of the videos, so the it was a trip well spent. I got some post cards at the museum gift shop, so random people, EXPECT A TREAT!! Another part of klassy America, is the amount of fast food restaurants in all these places. We’re in middle America, I feel like I should be bombarded with “homestyle” cooking and grits. I only see the grits. At breakfast this morning, they had no bagels BUT they did have waffles, biscuits, sausage, and grits! (They may have had gravy too, but I don’t recall) Even better is the Hooter’s restaurant I can see from the hotel window. I am //really// looking forward to the KFC “All you can eat buffet” tonight. I don’t really like KFC and chances are I won’t really eat anything, I’ll pick something up after that but I just thought that we HAD to try a KFC buffet — it’s real ‘merica right there.

I’ll update tonight with my KFC exploits.

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