The KFC All-you-can-eat Buffet…

…never happened. So apparently the $5 buffet is only from 11am – 3pm, which clearly we didn’t make. Instead, we went to some place called, “Bojangles“. It was meh; I’m not a huge fan of fast food and I think it’s beginning to take a toll on my stomach.

Anyways, I have a story about this place. For those of you who don’t know me (and judging by the viewing stats, all of you know me) I’m not a BIG girl. I don’t eat a lot and generally when I go to restaurants like that I get a kids meal — I feel that the portions in a kids meal are actually what we should be eating (albeit, they should consist of healthier food) to maintain a healthy lifestyle. ANYWAYS, I asked the cashier about the “Chicken Supremes kid’s meal” (Supremes are Bojangles word for chicken tenders); more specifically, how many supremes were in a kid’s meal. He told me two so I said, “Okay, awesome. One chicken supremes kid’s meal with iced tea, please.” He then looked at Keith and asked Keith for his order and Keith gave it to him. THEN, the cashier turned back to me and asked me what I was getting. I looked sort of confused and said, “I gave you my order, the kid’s meal.” HERE’S THE KICKER: he then said, “OHHH, I THOUGHT YOU WERE ORDERING FOR YOUR KID!” I almost cried on the spot. I am 23 years old — I DON’T HAVE A CHILD. Do I look like I’ve had a child??!!? Also, if I did have a kid, true story, I wouldn’t be feeding it this garbage. I was pretty offended; Keith just laughed because he thought it was funny.

So that was my dinner. I at my kid’s meal and was perfectly content with it’s size. The iced tea was OK; a little too sweet, in my opinion.

Today we’re going to Memphis and eating at Gus’s. I’ll post a full update later.

I just want to briefly talk about a food market we went to last night: Earth Fare. It’s a competitor of Whole Foods and for those of you that have one of these bad boys in your area, you should check it. I went in thinking it was owned by Whole Foods (because they are basically the same store) but it seemed to be a little cheaper and have more selection. Just a thought.

Until next time.

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