The rain keeps pouring

We went to Gus’s and Graceland and both were awesome. I sort of wish I could live in Graceland. Elvis knew how to decorate; my only complaint was that he had an electric kitchen (as opposed to a gas one). It’s definitely a must see in Memphis. I also got these ADORABLE beanie babies:



Now, on to Gus’s and fried chicken — it was pretty good. Maybe I was too distracted by the 634 point loss experienced in the stock market or worried about the fact that someone was going to use a crow bar to break into Eva but for me the chicken was only good — not great. Keith thought it was “good” which means that it was awesome. PS. MEMPHIS NOT THE SAFEST PLACE IN THE WORLD.

Now onto the real event of the evening. We checked into our hotel around 5:30pm and at around 6pm we got a call from the front desk telling us that they were evacuating due to a gas leak. We went outside and found that a van had driven into the side of the building.


Basically, the hotel had no water and there was a gas leak so they put us up in a different hotel. I’m a bit a annoyed with the Best Western (the original hotel) because it was a  BRAND NEW hotel; they stuck us in a Comfort Inn (which there is nothing wrong with, we stayed in one two nights ago) but this hotel is like two steps down, there is smoking allowed in the hotel and they were unsure if they were going to be able to put us in a non-smoking room (which I had paid for in the Best Western). What really was annoying was that because I prepaid through expedia we had to wait in the hotel lobby for more than an hour while they tried to figure out how to get payment for the room. Both hotels are owned by the same person and instead of just putting us in a room and dealing with it later, they told me that they may not have a non-smoking room by the time they got us into a room even though we were the first people from the Best Western to get there.

Finally, at around 8:30, they let me suggest that they just give me a room rate for $5 and they could deal with the Best Western later. The first woman wouldn’t even let me suggest anything and the second girl was like, “Ohh, that’s a good idea.” I WANTED TO GO TO BED DAMMIT, of course it was a good idea.

Anyways, I need to take my pills.



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