An update

Hello everyone.
Like always, I am waiting for Keith to get his act together and get ready to continue the move into the apartment.

My lease starts today but I was able to move into my apartment yesterday so I emptied Eva out. Keith is pretty excited because he can buy stuff now (we had a strict no buying things policy because Eva was PACKED). I saw the apartment for the first time yesterday and I think it’s really nice. The bedroom is a bit awkwardly shaped, but I can’t do anything about that now. I’ll hopefully be able to fit the bedroom furniture I bought in it, but who knows.

We’re having a bit of an issue with the Internet because somehow I have AT&T but I don’t pay for for AT&T I’m supposed to use the modem from Time Warner which isn’t working because there aren’t any usable cable jacks for me to plug into… The hole is there, but the cable ding thing isn’t there. Strange.

My goals for today are:
Buy a shower curtain
Set up my bedroom
Figure out the Internet
Get my mail key
DIE from heat stroke

Wish me luck.

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