I’m back…

Well that was a fun hiatus.

Here’s the deal: I’m going to start trying to post at least once a day (or once every two days depending on my schedule).

Is it too late to say, “I hope you all had a happy new year!” ? I hope not because  I just went there– BAMM.

Eva and I have headed south and she has stayed here for the duration; me, not so much. I’ve gone to California (twice), New York (once), Massachusetts (once), and Washington D.C. (once). We’ve made a few friends down here, which is pretty awesome (given that we knew NO ONE when we first arrived).

Anyways, back to business. I’m pretty sure that if you are breathing you are being bombarded with things to do on Valentine’s Day (what to buy him/her, where to go to dinner, what to do, what movie to see.)

Actually let’s talk about the movie options for Valentine’s day– HOLLYWOOD, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Who in their right mind would want to see “Woman in Black” on Valentine’s Day? It’s clearly a Valentine’s Day release (with it’s release date so close to Valentine’s Day) but it’s a suspense film WITHOUT Danielle Radcliffe letting it all hang out — to everyone who saw Equus, can I get a “whatwhat!”?  So “The Vow” and “This Means War” are pretty appropriate Valentine’s Day options, but the suspense/thriller genre sort of dampens the whole Valentine’s Day thing — unless of course your name is Hannibal, Jack the Ripper, or Justin Beiber.

Now that I’ve completely gone off track– my friends and I are not doing an “anti-Valentine’s Day” thing, but instead we are all going out to dinner in a group and (hopefully) breaking this notion that Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband, but instead about cherishing the people that you love in your life.



Please tell me you didn’t buy that mush– we’re going out together as a group because it’s much more fun to eat dinner with people than alone in your room with a box of cookies watching “The Notebook”.


Until next time…

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