The weekend

So the whole gang is going to have Valentine’s Day dinner together! Our choice of location: HOOTERS. Surprisingly (or maybe not so much given that almost everyone in our program has never heard of Hooters) only one of the people going on Tuesday has been to a Hooters– and it’s not me. So as we eat wings and beer, we’ll get a lovely show in the form of Ta-Tas.

I believe that Eva will be making this journey — it’s been too long since she’s been to South Austin. I may outfit her with a lacy bra of sorts, who knows?

I’m getting a bit nervous — I have class in 18 minutes and I always like being in class 15 minutes early to get myself situated/properly wake up before the class actually starts. Also, Friday afternoon make up classes? Not really my thing, especially when they happen more than once throughout the semester — here’s to make up class 1.


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