I’m super bad at this…

I was never very good at keeping a diary — I always told myself, “Diary/journal, I WILL write in you every day.” It never happened. So as much as I say, “I will update this blog daily,” It’s not going to happen.

What brings me here today is that I was with a couple of friends last night (Yes, I finally have a few of those in California) and I showed them this blog. Then I remembered that I was supposed to be updating it more often than once every 3 months — my bad. To add insult to injury, I started rereading a few of the posts and got a little teary eyed when I thought about Eva. She caused me great heartache – especially when that tree fell on her – but she was a great car, ugly but great.

Anyways, Eva’s gone. It’s not as fun to write about my new car which effectively sits in my driveway and never gets used. The great thing about the East coast (New England more specifically) is how many states you can go to in a short amount of time. Granted, I’m roughly 2 hours away from Reno, Nevada (but that’s Reno– sort of like Jimmy Carter’s little brother: irrelevant and dead). At home, I could drive 30 minutes and be in New Jersey, 90 minutes and be in Massachusetts, 5 hours and be in Canada.. you get the picture. New England is AWESOME. Don’t get me wrong, this whole Northern California lifestyle is rubbing off on me and I genuinely like it here (much better than Texas – but that’s not too hard) but it’s not New England.

Re-reading that last paragraph, I can only imagine myself with a thick Boston accent, wearing a Red Sox hat, Bruins jersey, eating a bowl of clam “chowda” (no tomatoes in my clam chowder because that’s illegal (http://nyti.ms/129T47O)), and just being a Masshole. My apologies.

In other news, I’m hosting a grill (or cook-out) this afternoon. I’m very excited about it. This will be the first time that I’ve had more than 3 people over at the same time — although, now that I’ve said this, $10 says that only 2 people show up. That’s how my life works. So the having people over thing is fun and all that good stuff, but what’s really exciting is the chance to GRILL. I grill a few times a week but I never grill for anyone else but myself. It’s kind of lame and somewhat depressing. I have this cookbook from Judith Jones: The Pleasure of Cooking for One – what I’ve learned from this book is to basically expect to eat leftovers- a lot. I don’t see much pleasure or joy in that. My leftovers are awesome and they are something to write home about, but I don’t get all hot and bothered because I’m making extra food for later. I really do enjoy cooking for other people. I think its because I can focus on cooking (which I love to do) and (somewhat) freely talk to whomever I’m cooking with or for and not worry about what I’m saying or who I’m talk to — effectively, I’m not as neurotic because I’m multi-tasking.

Peace out

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