Moar pictures!

Disclaimer: this is probably going to be a semi-serious post…

So I’ve been thinking about it recently — I really don’t take enough pictures. I take some pictures but nothing that really documents the places I’ve gone or the cool things (at least the things that I think are cool) that I’ve seen. I sometimes think that maybe I should take more pictures with me in them — if you’re my friend on facebook you probably know that I have very few pictures of me from the last few years. It’s the whole being insecure about how I look which I know everyone has those types of insecurities — or at least I think they do — but I’m always kind of anxious about it, even though I play it cool. I’m about to write the most personal thing that I will ever write on this blog (mostly because no one reads it anymore): I’m insecure about the way that I look because when I was heavier my family used to make fun of me for it, so I’m typically out of the camera’s lens.

OK too personal. On my multiple bikes rides, I pass by birds and stuff that I think are so beautiful but I don’t ever want to stop and take a picture. I always say to myself, next time I see this type of bird, I’ve got to take a picture of it because it’s awesome. I can then post it to instagram and be an artist — it’s a solid plan.

Crap, I think the personal portion of the entry has made me too anxious to keep writing. (And by I think it has, it DEFINITELY has) I’m also sure that none of it is coherent because it’s so late. In short: I want to take more pictures and possibly slow down a bit.

As Edward R. Murrow used to say,

Good night and good luck

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