I got old today

As a side note: two posts in two days? I’M ON FIRE!

At what point do we become old? I’m serious… Do we consider 20 young but 21 old? I turned 25 today (yes it’s my birthday today — I share a birthday with Peter the Great [which is somewhat fitting given my love for Russian politics], Ceelo Green, and Idina Menzel) and I feel old. Growing up I set this weird benchmark in my head: I would probably be dead by 25. I’m not even kidding.

I understand that my grandmother is 93 years old, so 25 doesn’t even register on her scale… but 25 is this ridiculously scary age. I have to be an adult now, which I don’t think I’m ready to be just yet.

For my 25th birthday, I’m driving down to Santa Barbara to visit Keith and Sebbie. This will be my first real drive with my new car, so I’m in this weird nervous/excited place about it. It’s not too zippy but it is comfortable – which is what I guess matters right? Anyways, I really like Santa Barbara (or I guess the general area because they don’t actually live in Santa Barbara). Tomorrow we’re going to go to school, because even when I’m not at my school, I go to other people’s schools. We’re going to a hog/pig roast on Saturday which is going to be incredibly disturbing because ew — dead pig. On my way down there, I’m going to stop in San Luis Obispo and check out a road bike that I have my eye on, which I’m really excited for!

Oh man, this is depressing.

You know what will cheer me up? CHICKEN BREATS! (tee-hee)

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