Lessons learned

I’m not sure if the title of this post has to do with its actual content except for one piece of wisdom that I’m going to bestow upon my 5 readers (I think I’m being optimistic about that number but you gotta aim high right?): unless asked to or invited, never EVER come to a party early, ever. I’m serious about this one– it kind of sucks. Oh yeah, and also always have a Plan B.

I wonder what life would be like if we lived in a black and white universe– like that Pleasantville movie with Toby Maguire and Reese Witherspoon. Obviously colors add depth to our lives and signify all different sorts of things. Red is angry, green is jealous, blue is depressed, orange is loneliness. Hues of grey wouldn’t be as effective. You look lighter grey with jealousy… Yeah no.

Definitely unrelated to the post title:
All in all, my birthday was a pretty big success. I had DELICIOUS Indian food with Keith. the dinner was actually really good. We spent a lot of time discussing his dating life. (We would have spent time discussing mine but it would basically have been a discussion of my vibrator, if I had one…which I don’t) He has joined a few online dating sites and was talking about the girls he messaged, the girls who messaged him, blah blah. I used to do online dating (oh man another personal fun fact) but I didn’t and don’t like it. The whole point of interacting with the people that you meet on these sites is to have some sort of romantic relationship with these people, but its totally unnatural. You’re on this date for the purpose to see if you’re going to be romantically or sexually compatible. The whole situation ends up becoming incredibly forced and awkward– something that the commercials for eharmony and match.com conveniently leave out. The concept of getting to know them as friends first is thrown to the wind. Oh also, you could occasionally run into the creep that wants to ‘hit it and quit it’ which is not typically what I’m looking for. It’s crazy though, the number of people (at least 6 or 7) that I know who are on one specific dating website: OKCupid. The thing it has going for it is that its free. That’s pretty much it. Because its free you get all sorts of nut jobs and emotionally unstable guys and oh man I’ve met my fair share of them on the website. Lets see, there was Charlie who cooed like an owl, Jason who tried to go too fast too soon, and Solomon who basically wanted to get married after like two weeks of dating. I’m sure I’m forgetting one or two, but yeah: crazies. Oh wait, yeah.. Solomon did not eat vegetables- like he had a phobia of them… Which meant I couldn’t cook for him… Unless it was like 100% meat.. Which was very bad. I mean come on, who doesn’t eat onions or carrots or broccoli? I should mention that I’ll occasionally reactivate my account to see if there’s anyone new or possibly interesting on there, but it ends up being the same guys that I saw (and judged) 6 months ago… So it’s not even like these guys are really meeting people and getting offline.

Lesson learned: if you can handle it, online dating is great. If you’re awkward and have some predefined notion of how you should meet your future boyfriend/girlfriend/dogfriend, then online dating is really not for you.

Back on topic: Sebbie bailed because he went to SOMEONE else’s birthday dinner. However, we are having a little celebration at their house tonight which is going to involve the movie “The Hebrew Hammer” which from the trailer looks awesomely offensive. In other news, I found my soul bike yesterday (or at least I think I did). It’s an Orbea- for those of you who don’t know hat that is… Orbea is a bike company from Spain. It should be pretty awesome: 51cm of aluminium beauty with some carbon mixed in there. I’m not going to say much about it because I don’t think many people care.

I think I’ve rambled on for long enough… I may post again later today in an attempt to avoid working on my homework.

Until then

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