So you know how excited I was for my new awesome bike? I’m still really excited — like I pretty much drool every time I walk by it in my living room, but today I took it out for what was supposed to be a good 19 mile ride. I made it about 7 miles and oh man, I went slow and I fell: I’m pretty embarrassed.

So the road bike isn’t the only thing that’s new. They were having a RIDICULOUS sale on bike shoes – basically, you buy a pair of shoes and a set of pedals and the shoes clip-in to the pedals. It’s supposed to be more efficient so your feet and legs don’t fly all over the place. Anyways, other than the 15 times I tested them out in the bike shop, I’ve never used clip ins. Maybe its just me, but I got way tired super fast with those puppies. I’m assuming there is a learning curve. So I’m pedaling my little heart out (the little heart is both figurative and literal) and I’m just getting more and more tired. I know that I haven’t really ridden in a week, so that may be it too, but my legs were super super tired. So I decided to cut my ride short. (At this point, I still haven’t fallen — I did almost get hit by a car, but that’s just a Monday right?)

As I’m biking into my driveway, I take my right foot out of the pedal but I lose my balance while taking the left one out. I got the left one out just as I fell onto the pavement in my driveway. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a lovely bruise on my thigh and I did scuff up my bike handlebar a bit, but at least no one and nothing was seriously injured. IT WAS EMBARRASSING. About the same level of embarrassing as when my scooter fell on me in the same spot and I had this really nasty welt on my thigh for like 2.5 weeks. At least this time no one saw it. When my scooter fell on top of me, these Davis soccer moms came over to make sure I was ok — it was really nice of them but, I just sort of wanted to lay there for a minute or two while I gathered my thoughts. Instead I had to jump right up to prove to them I wasn’t dead or paralyzed.

In closing, I think tomorrow (if I do a morning ride, which I probably will) I will do the bike loop. It’s 12 miles, so about double this one, but I need to get used to these clip in pedals. Another thought that I had was to get normal pedals for now and then transition over to the clip ins but I’m sort of taking the attitude I took with my first manual transmission: If I had an automatic available to drive, I would have always picked it because I wasn’t great with stick. When I drove my grandma’s car home all I had left was the stick or not drive (and not drive really isn’t an option) — I chose the stick. I’m so glad that I did because I love manual transmission (and pretty much judge everyone who doesn’t — harsh but seriously, learn how to drive).

Speaking of automatic, I saw some jerk with a Ferrari in an AUTOMATIC transmission – I hope that they took his balls when he got the automatic because that’s a fair price in my book. Any girl or guy that woos his car should do so mockingly.

Now that I’m fairly certain I’ve offended at least 10 people, I think I’m going to go shower and rinse the embarrassment off my body.

Until we meet again.

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