That awkward moment when you realise you’re not wearing a sports bra.

You ever have one of those “ah ha!” moments? Well, I just had one, except it was followed by some disappointment. I’m going to go ahead and say it: bras suck. They are uncomfortable, expensive, restricting, gets in the way (you all know what I mean so don’t act shocked), and its an extra piece of clothing that you have to wash except because they’re considered to be “delicate” you’re supposed to wash them with special detergent. In fact, Victoria’s Secret has its own brand — scroll down to find it in that list. I should probably mention that I just throw my bras into the appropriate colored wash and hope it works out for the best.

Anyways, this morning when I was getting dressed I decided to be a girl and wear a girl bra (as opposed to a boy bra, which doesn’t exist). I now realize by 3pm, I’ll probably regret that decision; oh well.

sport bra_comfort >> normal bra_comfort

</bra rant>

Today is my last day of class for the quarter; although the official last day of class is Friday or something, I don’t have class on Thursday or Friday so today is the day. So it’s not really the end of my first year at UCD because I started in January but I guess it kind of is because I don’t have a new quarter starting in a few weeks. It’s sort of crazy to think that I could have gone here the whole time and just passed over my time at Texas, but I was a jerk and withdrew my application after my acceptance to the other schools. What’s even crazier is that had T-dog decided to accept his offer at UCD (instead of going to that school in Indiana), I would have had a UMass friend here! We would have made adorable UMass babies too — ok, not really but it would have been pretty awesome.

Unrelated: So my high school was really small: like 45 girls in my graduating class, small. When I got to undergrad, my year was more than twice as big as my entire high school. (I was going to go somewhere with that but I decided not to; however, I’m keeping that there for fun) There is a girl from my high school and undergrad who was two years ahead of me. She’s a Jew from New York — basically we could be like the same person. Anyways, this morning she posted a link on Facebook about the Scripps National Spelling Bee that took place last week. The boy who won it, won it by spelling the Yiddish (read: Jew speak) word “knaidel” or “kneydl” — it’s Yiddish for matzo ball. Used in a sentence: My grandma used to make me the most awesome knaidels ever! (Or an even better sentence: Suck my Knaidels!)

Back on topic: Knaidel is how the Webster dictionary has it spelled but Yivo (the Jew authority, if you will) spells it kneydl. If you read the article, you’ll get a lovely history of Yivo and how basically Webster can just give them the finger and say “haha Schmuck”.

Zay gezunt


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