My juicy double


So I wasn’t sure what to write about this morning and I started off with the Sara Bareilles song stuff but I asked my friend what I should write about — she said my butt. Let’s be honest, I have a pretty nice ass. For one thing I have one – oh yeah, white girl’s got an ass! What up?! I’ve been biking a whole ton so my butt has gotten toned. And my butt’s got shape. Don’t believe me? Next time you see me, look — unless you’re not here, then it’s your loss. I won’t be offended if you look, especially if I don’t know you’re doing it. Oh yeah, I have independent confirmation (from one of my male friends) that my ass looks good. Anyways, I’m fairly certain that guys care about what girl’s butts look like (on a superficial level, of course) but I’m here to tell you that I am an ass girl (I refuse to say woman because I’m not old, nope). Men’s tushies are a huge turn on — nice and firm. I will refrain from pictures on this subject; however, if you’re looking to procrastinate I found this funny thread: click here.

Back to the original start topic: On my way back from Santa Barbara on Sunday, I heard Sara Bareilles’ song Brave for the first time and I can safely say that this is my new FAVORITE song. (A side note: I know that most of you who read this blog, if you click the link, you won’t watch it because it’s a 3 minute song and 3 minutes is far too long to do something that you’re not 100% interested in.) I’m not going to lie, I love songs that deliver positive messages about being yourself because most of the songs today say that you should be a whore, a slap a bitch, or f- the police. Embrace being yourself and be honest!

Ok, I’m done with the inspirational speech, I need to go find some bitches to f- up.

So there’s some research from a grad student of NC State flying around Facebook. Basically he made 22 awesome maps of how Americans across the country speak differently. The picture below is one that I hold near and dear to my heart.

When you say “The City” we all know you mean New York Citymost-of-america-realizes-that-new-york-really-is-the-city

From now on when people look at me puzzled when I say “The City”, I will give them the finger and show them this map.

Keep it real homies.


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