It was a scorcher…

I’ve been up for a little more than 8 hours already (it’s only 2 pm right now) and it’s turning out to be a miserable day. So I went biking this morning with my awesome bike but the ride was pretty much anything but awesome.

I’m super angry with myself because I couldn’t finish the ride. Let’s start from the beginning: When I left to go riding at 7 this morning, it was already 80 degrees… I probably should have turned my car around and said tomorrow. I didn’t. I picked up my friend and we went to Winters, CA to do this ridiculous hilly ride. Anyways, everything starts off fine but at the 8 mile mark, I begin to get super super tired and hot. I wanted to turn around but my friend said we should keep going, so we did. Then came the first big hill and it was hard. Then there were more hills that were even harder. Around 20 miles in I gave up. But not before I lost both of my tubes to thorns. My brand new bike, with brand new tubes, had gotten two flats. So now I need to buy another spare tube, more CO2, and probably new tires because the stock ones are crap.

My friend finished the ride and picked me up. It was at least 100 degrees out when he got me. So we were biking in 90+ degree weather. I’m so embarrassed by the whole thing. I’m annoyed with myself that I gave up. Just all around general disgust.

On a positive note: I tried an apricot for the first time and it was delicious. Don’t ask me why I’ve never had an apricot before– I’m quirky like that.

Update: I love Putin. With his recent divorce, I can safely say that I’m the future Mrs. Dr. Putin, especially after seeing this:

I think you all want him too, but hands off. I’ve called dibs.

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