Back rub anyone?

Boy oh boy, I am Sore (sore with a capital S, for those of you not fluent with aria-speak). So after yesterday’s bike ride debacle, I decided for this morning’s ride, I would do something easy. I did my usual 12 mile Saturday-Sunday morning ride on my road bike. I was not as fast as I would have like to have been and I got way too tired too fast. But the good news is that I returned with the same tubes I left with this morning.

Anyways, I would like a back rub because my back hurts.

One of the things that is keeping me going is this:

puppy love

I’m obsessed. It’s from that link I posted in my update yesterday. I have multiple tabs open in chrome and every time I scroll through them I see Mr. Putin being adorable with the puppy and it makes me smile and laugh.

I then however pop open this tab: and I get sad again. Seriously Putin? I think you need to sit down and reflect on how ridiculous you are being. Just saying.

So theory time: I have this theory that every time a guy says a girl’s name it’s more for him than it is for her. For some reason, I believe that all guys are inherently jerks and can’t seem to remember girls’ names because they just sort of view us all as something to do. So in order to make sure that they get some, the girl (that they’ve deemed fit to do) needs to feel like the guy actually knows who she is… which is why he says her name. Think about it, unless you’re calling out to someone to get their attention, you don’t really //need// to say their name. Just a theory, but it’s probably right. I’m not sure if this is incredibly coherent because I took a while to write it out, but in my head it makes sense.

Bring on the dream of an ice bath!

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2 Responses to Back rub anyone?

  1. Anonymous says:

    So if my boyfriend never says my name, that’s a good thing?

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