Coming to you live…

Well actually not really…

I’ve figured out this fun little feature that word press has that will let me schedule when my posts are uploaded. So you have no idea when I wrote this… BUT I DO.

Moving on…

I just had “girl chat” with this girl that I don’t really know and it’s kind of weird. I don’t know if I trust that she’s not going to tell everyone what I said, oh well .. here’s to hoping right? She did ask me about something that happened a few weeks ago at a party that made me smile a bit, but I’m not going into details about that. One of the things that we talked about was OKCupid — for those of you who have read this blog, you know my feelings about online dating: awkward. But whenever I’m feeling down, I go on OKCupid to see what I’m not missing out on. (And the more I look, the more I know that OKCupid is pretty much worthless for this area)

I have a fake OKCupid in order to do my cyber searching. For those of you who might try to find me, good luck. Well, I recently found one of the people in my program on OKCupid through this account. I should tell you that this is not a person I would remotely consider dating because… no. What really freaks me out is our high percentage match (roughly 85%)… which is high but obviously it’s not 99% high. Now that I’ve seen this, I’m super curious how I’m going to react when I see him. I haven’t seen him since finding out this little tid-bit of information. It’s sort of when you find out that a guy a has a crush on you and you didn’t know. The fact that he has a crush on you is somewhat intriguing and you begin to explore the possibilities.

While you wait for tomorrow’s post, feel free to watch this 30 second clip brought to you from the Ukraine:

Update: I was just asked if I’m worried that I’ll be put on a list because of my love for obsession with Russia…. clearly, someone doesn’t read my blog.

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