Can’t innovate my ass

I apologize for the long post.

On Monday, as you may know, Apple began it’s 24th Annual World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco. You also may know that they previewed their new Mac Pro which looks like a large weirdly shape bangle bracelet or a small trashcan (Thank you MacWorld). Apple stocks closed down on Monday after the Keynote address and as far as I know it’s mostly related to Tim Cook being a dimwit. (hehe)

Man that was a lame way to open up the post — sorry guys and FSB. Putin hasn’t done anything ridiculous enough to get me to blog about him. Putin has however weighed in on the NSA Project PRISM that has been in the news recently. Not surprisingly, that beautiful  embodiment of all things Russian and man believes that the government surveillance shouldn’t break the law. I would expect no less from my ex-KGB President.

I’m not so sure how much I object to the NSA’s PRISM project, actually. So yeah, it’s kind of creepy that the NSA can listen to me having phone sex, but I doubt they’re seriously interested in listening to me awkwardly ask someone if they’re taking off their pants. If you’re a law abiding citizen and you’re not committing treason or something, I’m fairly certain that you have nothing to worry about. However, if you’re really that paranoid about the government accessing your information: PULL THE PLUG OUT OF YOUR COMPUTER NOW. Shut down your wireless radios, burn your cell phone, and go live in a cave. I guess clearing your YouTube history (especially the video where you looked up how to make anthrax) isn’t really an option anymore. Sorry.

So I had written some more about PRISM but decided to redact it in favor of something about my day yesterday. I was such a girl yesterday. I went to a spa, I wore a SKIRT, and I wore a normal bra… somebody call the cops because I think I’ve been abducted by aliens. So I got a facial at this spa thing against my better judgement. It was ok — the lady told me I should exfoliate every 2 weeks because my skin is super sensitive… whatever. After that I took a steam shower and almost suffocated from the heat. I was trying to breathe and BAM.. puff of steam! First world problems right here, I know.

On a happy note: I think I like ending a post with a random video. This is one of my favorites… if you’ve seen Sailor Moon you’ll think it’s hilarious, if you haven’t I’m sure you’ll think it’s weird. You be the judge.

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