Boys, get in line. (Major Update)

I’ve heard this Michael Buble song a few times and I finally took the opportunity to actually listen to the lyrics (instead of bopping my head around which is what I do to almost all Michael Buble songs). I’m absolutely fascinated with this song. I love Michael Buble.

I’m writing Saturday’s post on Friday night because I’m not sure if I’m going to have time to write one tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m going on a nice 20 mile bike ride after my week hiatus. It should be an interesting ride. After that I’m going shopping with my flacos at the outlets because on of them needs stuff, evidently.

I’m too tired to write anything interesting and for that I am truly sorry. I will probably edit this tomorrow to include a better post.

Good night and good luck

Update: Good morning! I’m awake and I feel much better and able to write a post. Last night one of my friends send me a link from the Onion: Tips for not accidentally murdering your girlfriend. 

In short, the tips basically say to avoid guns and buy your girlfriend flowers or engage in activities that have low accidental deaths.

With the Supreme Court ruling on Gene testing companies like Myriad Genetics and 23andMe have been getting a lot of extra attention. A few weeks back, one of my friends introduced me to the site. He did the whole genetic testing thing with the 23andMe company. It sounds kind of cool. Basically, you pay $99 (+tax because I’m in Califorina and 23andMe is based out of Mountain View), spit into a tube, and 6-8 weeks later you’ve got all this information that you probably wouldn’t have had otherwise. What’s really intriguing for me is to sort of find out my ancestry. So I know that my paternal grandfather’s family is/was from Austria and my paternal grandmother’s family is/was from Russia. I also know that my mother’s family is from Italy but when I was growing up she told me that we were part Native American too — which I’m fairly certain is bullshit. So in terms of my mother’s side of the family, I’m not really sure what is what except that I’m 95% sure I’m not black.

23andMe’s Global Origin feature could sort of help me figure out where my ancestor’s are from without relying on my parents who don’t really know anything about it or seem to care. However, this could all go terribly wrong and I could possibly find out that I was adopted or even worse: I’m not really Jewish (which I am or at least I think I am). It could go really well though and I find out I’m Joseph Stalin’s 3rd cousin or something.

I’m going to keep thinking about it but farewell for now.

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