It’s almost the weekend!

Greetings from San Francisco!!

It’s Friday, so you know that that means right? Grill time! Well almost…

A few weeks ago, I had a little cook-out at my house (I refuse to say BBQ because I didn’t slow cook the meat, I grilled it). Today I want to take a break from current events and talk about hot dogs. And by hot dogs I mean Hebrew National Hot Dogs because those are the only ones that are worth talking about. They’re kosher and 100% beef — WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE?! I’ve never actually investigated the process by which hot dogs are made in fear that it would totally gross me out.

I should probably mention that I do not have any endorsements from Hebrew National, I just really like their wieners.

In any event, in celebration of Father’s Day, I hope to grill this weekend and be a dad. OK, so not quite, but hopefully you get the gist.

Oh! So there’s something that I have been meaning to write about all week, but I keep forgetting to do it. I’d like to take a moment and talk about how gross guys are. So I don’t remember if I mentioned that I slept in this awesome fort in when I stayed with my friends at UCSB, but I slept there on Friday night. However on Thursday and Saturday nights, I shared a bed with one of my friends. Anyways, I was complaining to him about washing my sheets this past Sunday because it’s sort of pain in the butt to remake my bed. My bed is up against a wall and my room is tiny so maneuvering around to properly make my bed is annoying. Once I’ve put new sheets on my bed and made it once, it’s easy to do because I don’t sleep on that side so everything is good.

Sorry, back on topic. When I told him about how I didn’t want to change my sheets, he said something along the lines that he hadn’t changed his sheets since JANUARY (2013… because I was asked if it was January 2012 by one of my friends). Seriously, who knows what he’s done in that bed? His reasoning behind not changing his sheets is that he’s going to get them dirty anyways because he exercises and whatnot at night and then gets into his bed, so it makes no sense to change the sheets. He also doesn’t feel the need to do it unless a girl makes him do it. So I called him immediately and told him to change his sheets because “ew”. I still don’t think he’s done it and I feel gross and dirty just thinking about it.

I learned two things last Sunday:

  1. Guys are gross. Like incredibly disgustingly gross. I can understand changing your sheets once a month especially if you have no lady friends getting down and dirty with you. But not changing them in about 6 months (probably more because boys) is y-u-c-k-y.
  2. Next time I head down to UCSB, I’m making him change his sheets… even if I’m not sharing a bed with him.

YouTube clip of the day — I was going to point out a few places to jump to but most of the video is funny. I like these guys who do the Gentlemen’s Rant. They just trash everyone and everything. It’s only about 2 minutes… The rant ends at 2:04 with some credits at the end.

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