And this is how I feel today…

So I’ve actually been up since 4:30 this morning. I took a friend to the airport (he’s on his way back to Bogota — that’s in Colombia for the geographically challenged) at 5:10 this morning for his 6:35 flight. I just heard from him and he’s made it to Los Angeles. I wish I was in Los Angeles New York. Then at around 6:55 this morning I took my roommate to the train station. Finally around 8, I went to go get my glasses fixed – WHICH THEY ARE! YAY!

Any-who, I didn’t post yesterday because well I was recovering from being an alcoholic on Saturday night. What I mean to say is that my friends and I drank.. A LOT. Like a lot a lot. We only have 2 beers left in the house. We must have drank at least 30 beers (or ciders) between the four of us in addition to the half bottle of tequila that I no longer have. Long story short, it was quite an evening that some of them forgot, because they were blacked out. At some point during the festivities at casa de moi, one of the guys sat on my glasses and bent them. I was super worried that the optometrist wasn’t going to be able to fix them and then my awesome red glasses would be no more. 😦 Fortunately, they are on my beautiful face helping me see and not bent!

So the reason that I’m truly an idiot today is because I brought my funputer (read: netbook) back to school with me and forgot half of the charger at home. I know exactly where it is too. It’s on the ground next to the case of water in my bedroom. I can see it in my head just staring at me and laughing because now I have to make an extra trip home today because the funputer definitely won’t have enough juice to last all day.  I made it my mission to remember my glasses and overlooked the funputer accessories — oh well.

So, I was going to write some more about Edward Snowden because this guy can’t seem to get a break but evidently Mr. Putin is accused of stealing Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl ring. First of all, Kraft should get over it because the Patriots beat the Eagles in 2005– you know who sucks more than the Eagles? I don’t — not even pee-wee football teams suck as bad as the Philadelphia Eagles. You know what’s impressive, the Patriots beating the Panthers in 2004. Actually, if we’re talking about impressive, lets talk about the last two times that New England was in the Super Bowl – they got their balls handed to them by the  NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS! What what?! Suck it New England.

OK, I’m a huge NY Giants fan, if you couldn’t tell. I also hate the Eagles and the Cowboys. Michael Vick and Tony Romo are women compared to Eli Manning. I’m also fairly certain that Peyton played for Eli in the 2008 game but shhh.

Sorry, back on to Putin. Peskov, Putin’s spokesperson, said that Kraft is now just bringing up these allegations and that the ring was a gift. Essentially, Putin’s keeping the ring — sort of like what happened when my mom gets divorced. What’s not like what happens when my mom gets divorced is that Putin is offering to give Kraft the money to buy a new ring, which isn’t the same as the 2005 Super Bowl ring but at least it’s the thought that counts… right?

And Kraft, be happy. You’re ring is in the Kremlin  — I wish all of me was in the Kremlin, if you know what I mean *wink wink*.

Your video for the day:

Go to 1:40

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