It’s like fried oreos

So I’m just getting back from an awesome night. Kind of like fried oreos. Fried oreos are delicious. What’s not to love right? They’re fried and warm and so yummy!

Moving on…We placed  2nd at trivia and I ROCKED it tonight. My random knowledge of Ireland, Woodstock, Ernest Hemingway, and Hitler really paid off. We won a $25 gift card to the restaurant which means partially free meal next week. My team is pretty great too. I found out tonight that people in my graduate program have bets on when me and my friend are going to start dating… which the answer is probably never. Sorry. But we’re thinking about having fun with people, so it could get very interesting.

Before trivia I went to the Picnic in the Park farmers market which was quite nice. Wine and cookies = good time. Also this evening was filled with wonderful weather.

It’s almost midnight. I’m tired. Sorry there’s no video, but you should all watch Laundry Day again because GALATIC POWER TRANSFORM!

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