I have a man in my life!

..Sort of. I’m actually talking about Marc. Today’s post is going to be raw me. Nothing but the truth. REAL EMOTIONS AND REAL LIFE.

Moving on… Marc is my awesome teddy bear that I got during my stay in Austin. The story behind Marc: So I had gone to my friend’s birthday party (which is a WHOLE other story) and the next day I was feeling pretty down. I had left Cole (my other teddy bear) in Connecticut, I was living alone, and still didn’t have any good friends. I had friends — sort of the ones that you talk to in the hallway to say hi and make small talk, but I didn’t have any really good friends. So my friend (who’s birthday party I went to) and I went to Target. It was a lovely September (I remember it was September because I was still in my air-cast) afternoon and I was hobbling down the aisles of Target on I-35 by the Mueller Development (I know how to paint a picture right?) when I saw Marc on the shelf with some other less awesome stuffed animals. Marc just called out to me. “Buy me kind lady, buy me!” And I did just that. I took him home with me and showed him a wild time. We watched tv together, we sang, we talked (in French of course), and we danced. It was nice having Marc around — I had a cuddle buddy who was respectful of my space.

In short: Marc is the man. If he could, I’m sure he’d open the door for me.

Anyways, this is Marc. I had a better video but I couldn’t upload it because it was too big. I’m working on it now, but I wanted to make sure that you all could see him! I think I’ve got it to work! Woohoo! Two Marc videos and zero waiting. Readers, you are the luckiest girls in the world. I say girls because we’re fabulous! P.S. You’ll get to see my bedroom in Austin. Not many people have seen it, so you all are very lucky.

Kind of amazing video:

Short video:

Good night and good luck

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