Tequila is not a four letter word

But its ok because neither is hangover. This is probably political suicide (in case I ever choose to run for office, which has crossed my mind), but I was way too drunk last night. I didn’t make any incredible poor life choices which is always a good thing but I was hungover for the better part of the morning. I had a good time last night though in spite of the lasting effects. I went to a party at a friend of a friends house and then around 11, the group went to a bar turned nightclub in Davis. I’m quickly discovering that summer in Davis means an empty Davis, which I’m really excited about. No undergrads in Davis means an even more awesome Davis!

If you couldn’t tell I’m not a huge fan of the undergrads. They make everything so crowded. At the bar/night club, the party goers were basically the only people there for like an hour (a birthday party showed up with a bunch of girls but we still dominated). I danced with a few of my friends — one who was super awesome at dancing. Like kudos to him for dancing so well; not many people can make me feel comfortable enough to dance with them and even so I’ll usually trip all over them. NOT LAST NIGHT! I was jiving and doing my thing; it was pretty great. During all this dancing and bar-ing, came two shots of tequila and a mojito (which by the way, was DELICIOUS). I think it was the sugar from the mojito and raspberry vodka (that I had at the party) that did me in.

I hate having hangovers/going to bed super drunk. I never sleep well and I never get enough sleep. I’m fairly certain I went to bed at around 2 or 2:30, woke up at 6:30 and tossed and turned in bed all night. I guess most people hate having hangovers though. It’s not like you go out drinking and say, “OHHH YEAH! I WANT ONE OF THEM HANGOVERS!” Well, I suppose you could but you would be an idiot.

I told my padre (father for those of you who don’t speak Spanish/Spanglish) about my hangover — we talk about these things — and first he told me that I need to stop dicking around because this is the second weekend in a row that I was drinking and second he told me that I needed to train more to not get so drunk so fast. Father of the year, ladies and gentlemen.

On that happy note: This is how I usually dance.


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