I’m glad I waited

I was going to blog about the reports that Edward Snowden was leaving Hong Kong to go to an undisclosed location this morning at around 6:45. I was going to say that this undisclosed location could be my bed but I’m going to say that for his sake, Moscow is probably the better choice. It’s been about a week since I blogged about Mr. Snowden and in that time the United States has revoked his passport but clearly since he’s in Russia and requesting asylum in Ecuador, that’s really not going to be a problem for him. (For me yes because he won’t be able to stay with me, ever.)

It is fairly reasonable to expect that Moscow is just a stop-over for Snowden given the tension between Putin and Obama (on a number of various issues, Syria just to name one), it’s not incredibly wise for Russia to allow him to stay in country — that being said, no one knew he was going there. It would make sense for Snowden to head to Havana on his way to Ecuador, should he choose to seek asylum there. Personally, I feel like Russia would be the better choice given that the Kremlin has already said they would consider granting him asylum should Snowden chose to request it in Russia. Ecuador is hot and Cuba is well Cuba. (For the record, I would LOVE to go to Cuba — no joke).

It’s 11pm in Moscow now, so I expect by 10pm Pacific Time, we’ll have a very good idea of where Snowden has decided to go: Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador — I’m sensing a pattern here.

In closing, I’m never going to get to meet Edward Snowden. Russia is going to continue to piss off the United States and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)  (who by the way, is pretty much dead on the money in terms of the future of US-Russian relations). Also, pink is the new black.

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