I’m a shorty

Damn, I thought I was taller than I actually am, sort of. For some reason I thought I was 1.73 meters… but nope, I just learned that I was 1.70 meters — A WHOLE 3 CENTIMETERS SHORTER. My life is over as I know it. In other me news, I probably should not have had the extra cheese because I don’t feel so hot.

Moving on: I promised more on Edward Snowden and I’ll lay it out for you here, but there’s some other stuff going on in the news today that I think is pretty important. Today is NOT a slow news day. The US Supreme Court delivered its decision on the affirmative action case that stemmed from a rejected University of Texas student, the stock market saw a triple digit loss, the defense council for George Zimmerman is a nut job, and Edward Snowden is still in Moscow (maybe).

  1. US Supreme Court: Basically they ruled that Affirmative Action is still legal but needs to be held to a stricter standard… which I don’t think is really going to change anything, in terms of how affirmative action really works. I’m not sure how I feel about affirmative action. I’m sure it helped me getting into graduate school and to some degree college – but I’d like to think that my credentials and not my gender gained me admission to the schools that accepted me. (I don’t want to talk too much about it now because I want to focus on Snowden)
  2. The George Zimmerman trial started today and his attorney opened up with a really bad knock knock joke. CNN has been analyzing the logic behind it all morning. If it was a funny joke, they would have probably called him brilliant. It wasn’t funny.
  3. The Chinese equivalent of the Federal Reserve has basically told banks to stop giving out easy loans, so the stock market is going crazy.

Called it. The US is pressuring Russia to turn him over to the US Government. It has now been made very clear by the US government that Hong Kong’s unwillingness to hand Snowden  over will result in a stressed relationship with China and Hong Kong. If Russia does not hand Snowden over and lets him flee to Cuba or Ecuador, US-Russia relations will take a hit. There was talk that Snowden was on a flight from Moscow to Havana this morning that would have entered US airspace — this was not the case — we actually don’t know where Snowden is. But if Snowden is on plane that enters US airspace, the US air force could force the plane to land in the US and Snowden could be arrested. REST ASSURED: Snowden will NOT be on a plane that enters US airspace.

I should probably mention that no one actually knows where this beautiful traitor actually is. It is rumored that he is in Moscow. We don’t know if he’s there and we don’t know where he’s going. What we do know is that he is NOT in China or Hong Kong.

I think the lesson that we learned from this is that anyone who stands up against the US government becomes the focus of the media’s attention — instead of focusing on what has been uncovered. Great, Snowden broke the law. Yes he “committed treason against the United States,” but what about the complete violation of trust that the United States has committed against its citizens? For the record, some guy on CNN just totally stole my thunder because after I wrote that, he copied what I said. What the CNN dude did not say was this: It is my belief that the free press in this country has its hands tied by the US government — they’re reporting on what the Obama administration is interested in, not the fact that his administration is spying on its own citizens.

By the way, Happy (belated) Birthday Edward Snowden! He turned 30 on June 21.

I’m now fairly certain that I’m on an NSA watch list.

Oh Mr. West… you are ridiculous.

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