Don’t mock the gorilla

Thanks CNN for those wonderful words of wisdom and I guess the wake up call.

OK, I need to get dressed real quick — I just got out of the shower.

**5 minutes later**

Back! It’s kind of like I’m live-blogging but I’m actually not; well I guess I am in terms of I’m writing this as it happens, but it’ll all be posted once it’s over.

In any event, last night was rough, like really rough. I woke up at 2, 3:30, 4, and finally 5:30 before I gave up trying to sleep. So I showered and started blogging. Well in all fairness, I was hoping to catch Smallville but unfortunately TNT changed their line-up today and it was Rizzoli & Isles. I would have watched it but in all honesty if I wanted to see two closeted lesbians work together, all I’d really have to do is head to Mount Holyoke or Smith or reflect back on my time at Mount Holyoke to see how it’s really done.

I think I’m going to take a hiatus from commenting on current events. I talked to my dad about Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper yesterday and he told me to calm down and turn off CNN; I did neither which is probably why I didn’t sleep well.

Oh man! NUGGET IS OPEN! I didn’t think it was open until 7am. I’m out of here. I want to go food shopping (or at least snack shopping). I love food shopping before the crowds get there — I can dance in the aisles and not really bother anyone with my awesome dance moves.

I hope that the deli section is open.


Update: This was my 50th post. It sort of feels like my 50th birthday but not because I would be crying if that was the case.

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