Like Edward Snowden, I’ve been MIA

My apologies.

I’ve been a busy little beaver. On Saturday, I went to this retirement party for a professor at UC Davis which was pretty emotional. She cried (at least I think she did), the people giving speeches cried, I think even the food cried a little bit too. Actually the food was pretty good… the dessert was meh. What surprised me the most about this party was the fact that there was free wine and beer.

California is this strange place where everywhere (for the most part) sells wine and beer. I remember my first meal in Davis. I went to this restaurant downtown and ordered off the kids menu (because I’m awesome like that). In any event, the kid’s menu had “wine” for kids. I actually asked the waiter about it because I know that the California highways get Federal funding (one of the things required to be eligible for federal highway funding in the US was to raise the drinking age to 21 — it’s a state by state law, not a federal one) and even if they didn’t, 12 is probably too young to have a glass of wine at dinner. The waiter told me that it wasn’t actually wine on the kid’s menu, but grape juice FLAVORED to taste like wine. What ever happened to pouring a glass of Kedem grape juice and just enjoying the awesome sweetness that Kedem grape juice is? Not in California. After the waiter told me that it was wine flavored grape juice, I said to him that Californian’s evidently like to get their kids to alcoholism at a young age. I don’t think he knew how to react, so he kind of chuckled and walked away.

Sunday was a totally different ballgame. On Sunday, I went to San Francisco to see my padre who attended a conference there last week. We went to the Pride Parade in San Francisco. My father who was born and raised in New York City and went to college in the 60s can now die having seen EVERYTHING. San Francisco is a weird place. It’s nice but weird. San Francisco on June 30th 2013 was a //really// weird place. I think with the death of DOMA and the Supreme Court’s decision re: Perry vs. Hollingsworth, the parade may have been a little crazier than usual. Nonetheless, it was insane. It was also hot and sunny — I have a lovely sunburn to prove one of those things. It was nice seeing my dad. I haven’t seen him since April (I think) and I’m not going to see him until mid August, unless something brings me home sooner than that. In addition to the parade, we walked to Embarcadero and took a train to Fisherman’s Wharf which totally reminds me of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Ira kept saying that Inner Harbor was modeled on Fisherman’s Wharf, so it makes sense that the two are similar. Why on earth anyone would want to build something like Fisherman’s Wharf in Baltimore is besides me. I went to high school in Baltimore country so I spent a fair amount of time in the city of Baltimore. Once you leave the gentrified Inner Harbor, Baltimore is pretty much the ghetto — that’s probably why the tv series “Homicide: Life on the Street” was based in Baltimore. Baltimore had the 5th highest murder rate per capita in 2012 in the United States.

In closing, food cries, San Francisco is weird, and Baltimore is not such a great place if you want to live.

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