I twirl my hair when I’m worried.

So basically, the left side of my head is all curly and the right is just wavy.

So I’m kind of bummed right now. I dropped one of my really good friends off at the train station today because he’s heading back to Italy (i.e. he’s not coming back to Davis). He was/is probably my closest friend here. We would just look at each other and totally just start cracking up because that’s what we do. It was kind of awesome except when he called me by my full name: I hate my full name.

His departure sort of made me realize that by the end of the summer here, I’m not going to have that many close friends (ok, lets be honest — I’m going to have 1 close friend) left in Davis because they’re all graduating or heading back to Europe or leaving Davis. Then I got all sad and called my father who was absolutely no help. He was like, “People leave. It happens” Thanks dad. Where is the comfort? Where is the generic “Everything will be ok” pep talk that I get sometimes? Evidently he left at home because he was in the office.

Oh man, I’m getting all depressed just writing this. There’s no relief here.

I took a 3 hour writing hiatus to do research. I’m feeling a little less down which is good. I’m also hungry.

Now I’m off to eat pizza and tequila beer. I think a Miss Congeniality viewing is in order.

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