SFO Planes

So I feel like whenever I give RIDICULOUS titles to posts, I get an insane amount of views that day. I think today though I only want 3 or 4 so I’m making the title as boring as possible. Title changed at 3:29.

I’m fairly certain I haven’t blogged (if you will) since July 3rd, when I took my friend to the train station. Not too much has happened since then. July 4th came and went and it was the same with July 5th — just kidding. ON JULY 5TH, EDWARD SNOWDEN WAS GRANTED ASYLUM IN VENEZUELA.

This just coming in from BBC News (more likely I’m just looking at it now): Edward Snowden has been granted asylum in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua. The man has got some options, which is just in time too. Reports that I’ve read (as well as my common sense) have said that Russian officials were getting impatient with Snowden and that since he had not requested asylum in Russia he needs to leave soon before the Kremlin decides to talk with Washington about flying him back. Mr. Snowden is still waiting for several counties to respond to his request: Cuba, France, Iceland, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. I suspect that all but Cuba will deny his request; however, it should be noted that several of the countries listed require that an applicant be in-country to seek asylum. Even with that, I don’t see anyone (but Cuba) trying to piss the US off.

On Friday, Snowden applied for asylum in six additional countries but has not released the names of the countries due to the fear that the US would likely interfere with these requests, which they would. I believe that Snowden will head to Venezuela (if Cuba does not respond to his request), if he is able to fly there. There is a concern that European countries will deny or ground flights that are suspected of carrying the former NSA employee to his new home.

Breaking news: At 2:00pm PT, a plane crashed at San Francisco’s International Airport. The plane from Seoul, South Korea completed the 10hour and 23minute flight as scheduled but crashed upon landing at California’s second busiest airport (LAX is the first, in case you cared). CBS is reporting that 2 were killed in the crash and 61 were injured. CNN hasn’t released any report on causalities. SFO is closed until further notice and flights heading into SFO have been redirected through local area airports including Sacramento International Airport (although 1 flight to Mexico and Canada hardly makes it an international airport).

I’m going to go and follow the SFO story a little more closely. I was going to post a funny picture that appropriately depicts my feelings towards cooking meat, but I don’t feel like joking all that much, right now.

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