Where are all the cameras?

That was the question I asked myself this morning when I went to UC Davis’ UHS to schedule an appointment to see the doctor. At UT, there were cameras EVERYWHERE. I mean, there were cameras in every part of the university health services building, except for maybe the examination rooms. Not only were there cameras but there was a live video feed in the building to show you that you were on camera. At UC Davis, I saw no cameras – not inside the building, not outside the building, not even in the parking lot. The lack of camera presence sort of caught me off guard. What if someone were to come into the UHS building and took the people hostage or something? I’m being paranoid but I feel like it’s a fair question.


In other news, CNN and Fox News are reporting that the pilot of Asiana Flight 214 had little to no experience landing a Boeing 777 (the type of plane that crashed at SFO on Saturday). I feel like this is going to turn into chaos. People are going to criticize Asiana Airlines for letting an inexperienced pilot land a plane that he’d never really landed before. But how does he learn how to land the plane if he’s not allowed to? It is sort of like when you’re applying for your first job. The places you’re looking to work want you to have a certain amount of experience, but the only way you get experience is working. How can you possibly be expected to have experience if no one will hire you because you don’t have experience? Anyways, I feel like this guy is probably going to lose his job.


Now that we can be a little more light hearted today, below is the image that adequately describes my feelings about people who eat their steak a certain way.

…but I don’t ask them politely.

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