Guess who’s going to Caracas?

Edward Snowden has accepted Maduro’s offer of asylum in Venezuela. (If it wasn’t clear, Edward Snowden is going to Caracas or somewhere else in Venezuela) I guess here comes the “hard part” for Snowden: Actually getting there. European countries have already made it clear (through grounding Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plane because Snowden was suspected to be traveling with Morales) that if Snowden were to fly through certain EU airspace, the plane would be grounded and he would most likely be sent to Washington.  What’s really surprising about the whole thing is that this is not one of Google News’ top stories. It’s not even one of the headlines in the World section. Evidently Google is not as obsessed with the Edward Snowden story as I am.

At the current moment, I’m in the office listening to two people try and plan a road trip to Denver which involves an insane amount of flying and driving. One of them wants to drive to Denver and on her way back to Davis she plans on driving through Portland. For those of you who failed geography: Portland is in no way, shape, or form on the way to Davis. In fact, she’s heading way west to go back east.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this but I’m going on a road trip from Davis to Atlanta starting on Wednesday the 17th, which means that for all you long time readers (those who read the blog in 2011 when I road tripped out to Texas), there will be more pictures and adventure stories! Anyways, for some part of the road trip we will be three people and I’m learning that none of us are actually on the same page in terms of where we’re going. This should be interesting. Long story short, one of the people thought we were driving to Denver after Albuquerque and I thought we were driving to Oklahoma City… the third person has yet to weigh in.

I’ll post more about the road trip, once I actually know where we’re going. One cool thing about the road trip is that this time I won’t be the only one driving (even though my friend’s car is a stick — which makes sense that he knows how to drive stick given that he has one [haha puns]).

In closing, this is a funny conversation with Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) that I saw this morning:

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