Hormones, man, hormones.

[redacted]. I have the power to do that, although it was written yesterday and now that I’ve had the chance to sleep on it, I realize that I don’t actually want to put that out there. Moving on…

So one of my really good friends just got back from Norway Monday night and having her back in the US is like finding out that Edward Snowden is your new next door neighbor: pretty amazing. She and I had a great chat yesterday afternoon and talking to her really calmed me down. I should probably clarify: it was me just talking and talking (like word vomit) and her just agreeing or saying “I don’t like that” or something similar. It was good. I was sort of a wreck yesterday but that’s for another paragraph or day or something.

I feel like I do some of my best thinking/reflecting in the shower, but once I leave the shower like the water everything I’ve thought about sort of just goes down the drain. There was so much I wanted to say — I remember that I wanted to say something — but I can’t remember what.  I think I also may have forgotten what I wanted to say because there’s just a bunch of stuff going on in my head and I can’t seem to pinpoint one thing. This is the worst. A thousand different thoughts most of them unrelated and I’m never able to sort any of them out.

Morning people are the best type of people. This is a fact. We get up early, get stuff done at the beginning of the day, and we’re just awesome.

Damn, 274 words. That’s all I can think of right now. I think tomorrow I’m going to write about the pleasure and joy of driving a manual transmission. The reason I bring this up is that in approximately an hour I have to drive my roommate to the airport to pick up her father because she does not know how to drive stick. I’ve tried to get her to learn (aka offered to teach her) over the last 7 months but she’s basically refused. We went out once and it was kind of a disaster but that was with Eva. My new car has a really smooth clutch and its much easier to drive. I’m sort of annoyed that since she wasn’t willing to learn how to drive, I have to go to the airport too.

Typically this wouldn’t be such a big deal but I got an email this morning (which I should probably be working on instead of blogging but it’s not even 8am yet… I think I get some me time) asking me to add a whole other component to this database I’ve been working on. I should probably mention that it’s a GLOBAL urban transport database so adding stuff takes loads of time and requires that I become best friends with google translate because god forbid the Chinese or Russian governments release data in English. However, they tend to be much better than North Korea which publishes no data, in Korean or otherwise.

Alright, I should probably go, respond to this email and brush up on my Russian/Chinese/Japanese– I think I’m going to need it.

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