The Road Trip post (part 1)

Good morning! (This is something I can say because it is morning everywhere in the continental United States!)

So I think I’m going to break the road trip post into two parts because the second half is still TBD. We’re evidently like that. I want to go to Kansas City but I can tell that my friend really wants to go through Tulsa (and eventually end up in the Ozarks). I would prefer Kansas City because I’ve never been to Kansas or Missouri and I’d like to see the arches. I would also like to stay as far north as possible before heading to Alabama where the humidity is going to make my hair look like I belong in a Garnier Fructis commercial. My friend likes outdoorsy crap (for lack of a better term). I’ve never been to the Ozarks (or Tulsa) so it could be cool, as long as I don’t have to hike. Maybe the change of scenery would do me some good.

Meh, we should know by the middle of the week where we’ll end up.

Anyways the road trip is as follows:

Day 1: Head to Las Vegas. This is where I will see my first ever prostitute (I hope). For those that are wondering, I will not hire said prostitute. I will just take pictures and ask her if she knows Mr. Spitzer.

Day 2: Head to Albuquerque. I don’t really know anything about Albuquerque except that it’s in New Mexico. I feel like there’s some pop cultural reference I could be making but I don’t know (or remember) what it is.

Day 3: Head to Denver. I’ve never been to Denver and this makes me sad. I love snow, I love looking at mountains, and I love the Colorado Rockies (the baseball team)! Also my favorite spice shop is there :D.

Day 4: ???

Day 5: Head to Birmingham. I’ve definitely been to Montgomery and I think I might have been to Birmingham. I remember thinking Montgomery was kind of cool but hating Alabama as a whole. My mother tried to send me to military school down there. Think Disney’s Cadet Kelley but I’m not blonde and my mom isn’t married to the headmaster. It would have been pretty rough. However, when we were visiting the area, my mom got me this awesome watch that ended up break several years later, but it was a pretty amazing watch.

Day 6: Learn to love the humidity. I think this says it all.

Personally, I think we should take a detour through Chicago or New York or something, but I’m fairly certain that would not go over well. Although, I’m looking at a map and I think I have an idea that might.

Toodles for now.

P.S. Edward Snowden is seeking temporary asylum in Russia. He’s just on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Baby I miss you.

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