I keep forgetting what I want to write!

It’s kind of a problem. I’m sitting here on my conference call and I’m kind of bored, mostly because I already know what is being discussed and nothing (at least to me) is earth shattering at this point.

I think I want to talk about how crazy the internet is. The reason I bring this up is because I just joined a new social networking site “VKontakte” or simply “VK”. It’s one of the most (if not the most) popular social networking site in Eastern Europe/Russia. Funnily enough, I actually found one of the girls I went to high school with on the website. She lives in the Ukraine now! It’s funny that I found her on this website because she actually knows my dad and interned with him for a month during high school. She lived in my house! Now is a good time to mention that I went to boarding school in Baltimore but grew up in New York. So while I was at school she was at my house.

Where I was going with this is that it’s absolutely insane that I can have phone calls, chat, share photos with people 6000 miles away in the blink of an eye for effectively free. I know that I have to pay for internet but the daily charge is about $1.00/day which is less than most people’s morning cup of coffee. Additionally, other than my home internet I don’t pay for internet anywhere else — so it’s free.

I probably sound like I’m 150 years old right now but it’s sort of exciting. I can send a FB chat to someone in Italy, they get it maybe a second after I send it, and I could have a response in less than 10 seconds (depending on what is written). The whole thing just blows my mind!

Man, I got caught up in reading something and I’ve lost my train of thought. No joke.

Until later.

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