Back at 56 feet of elevation

You know what this means: I’m back in Davis.

I feel like I should writing this blog in a different language because the last few days almost all of my views have come from not the United States. I’ve had views from the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Brazil, France, blah, blah, blah. I could conceivably post in French but I don’t want anyone to know how bad my written French actually is — so I’m going to stick with English.

Anyways, I feel like I should write about the rest of my travel day. So after my plane landed in LAX yesterday, I took a plane to Sacramento. While waiting in LAX for the last leg of my trip, I called my father and told him about my day, my thoughts, and feelings about everything that was going on. It was really great. I was finally able to say some stuff in Yiddish, which I hadn’t done at all since Saturday. My dad chuckled when I told him that, which I needed to hear. We also talked about my brother, who I’m possibly going to strangle when I see him.

So after that conversation, I pretty much got on the plane to Sacramento where my friend picked me up from the airport. He was only like 10 minutes late, which is super impressive given that he showed up about 45 minutes late to his own birthday outing (we played paintball). Anyways, he took me home. And after a bunch of convincing, I went to the Wednesday afternoon farmer’s market with him and his friend.

It was actually really great. I only stayed for about 35 minutes because trivia started at 8pm (rather than 9:30) this week. I got to see a bunch of the people from paintball and I found out that one of the guys (he’s from Germany) is leaving next week to go back to Germany to finish his degree. It was nice to be around everybody. They were all so happy and relaxed — I think it was just what I needed.

Anyways, at around 7:55 I made my way over to trivia. We have a good trivia team that mainly relies on like 2/3 people for the answers to questions. I like the stability of this group. It’s always the same 5/6 people (depending if one of the guys’ roommates shows up — I think he’s coming next week because he said “see you next week”). It’s a great group of people. This week’s theme was Superheroes. We nailed it! We won the prize round (we answered all 10 questions correctly in that round – thus informing everyone in the room that some of never get laid) and we got second place. So we left trivia with a bottle of flavored Belvedere Vodka and a $30 gift card for the restaurant. Not bad for a nights work.

Some point soon, I’ll start posting more interesting stuff. I promise. Just to warn you, it might be about the Hunger Games because I just finished the first book and this morning I read about 50% of the second. 


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