It’s paper week here in Transportation

Every January, there is this conference called TRB (Transportation Research Board) where more than 10,000 transportation individuals (engineers, researchers, politicians, etc.) get together, talk, present, and drink (let’s be honest — conferences typically are an excuse for people to drink). For graduate students (especially) we spend most of July working on a paper or two to submit to this conference. The deadline for submission is the 1st of the August and the submission website closes when it is no longer August 1st anywhere in the world — I believe that it’s 3am August 2nd, Pacific Time. The reason I bring this up is because I am working on two papers for this year’s conference. The submission deadline is Thursday and I’m in a bit of a panic because we’re still writing and figuring out numbers for one of the papers. That’s California for you.

I feel like because everyone around here is so relaxed with deadlines and what not that these hard deadlines (like the TRB annual meeting paper submission deadline) can sometimes be overlooked. So I really like my program, I seriously do but sometimes when I hear that the researchers only come in once or twice a month, my jaw tends to drop. I understand that you can work from home but seriously WE WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE!

Hugs are the best. I feel like a simple hug can tell you everything you need to know about a person. How they approach the hug, how they hold you, how much they squeeze, everything is that 2 or 3 second event tells your everything. There’s even an internet guide to hugging:

You sort of get the gist, right? Most of the time for me is a huggable situation — just warning you.

Just for fun:

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