It’s always when you think you’re done…

That you realize you’re nowhere close!

The day is July 31st, 2013. WordPress has sent me a little notification saying “Happy 2 year anniversary with WordPress”. Damn, I’ve had this blog for 2 years already? Feels longer.

2 years ago, man that feels like a long time ago. By this time in 2011, I was home getting ready to head to Texas as well as finishing up two TRB papers (oh hey! Like this year — hopefully the outcome will be different though). I was so overwhelmed by everything. I guess Keith didn’t get to my house until August 2nd, which was an adventure itself because United/Continental lost his luggage. Oh man, I remember writing them the BEST email ever about the whole situation.

Anyways, back to TRB. Like in 2011, I am waiting for one of the author’s (this one is from UMass) to read over the paper for basically the first time. I believe in an attempt to avoid reading the paper, he sent an email to all the authors on the paper saying, “Hey guys! These two lovely ladies [who shall remain nameless to protect their identities] have been working hard to revamp this paper we submitted two years ago. Please read the manuscript and send them your comments.” Listen man, the deadline is TOMORROW. I understand that I live on the West Coast, so in theory I have more awake time than you to submit it, but let’s be honest — I go to sleep probably before you do and wake up before you do (in East Coast time). So that’s one paper. I’m fairly certain that the only two people who are going to read it are myself and my friend… which is fine.

The second paper, which I thought was basically done is in fact not done. I sent it off yesterday for the customary, “hey here it is! it’s pretty much wrapped up, but let me know if you have any last minute changes.” Of course someone did. I think I’m ok with that though — I have to be ok with it but at least I know that people are reading the paper! It’s two different sides of the spectrum. Of course for this paper, I’m exceeding the word count and for the other paper, I could probably add 500 words without a sweat.

Focusing today has been super super hard. I know I took my pills this morning, which reminds me I need to drop my script off at the drug store soon. Dammit.

By tomorrow I will have submitted both papers and I’m thinking about taking a free day on Friday. Hopefully I can do it.

I saw this great gif this morning and I wanted to share it with all of you: 

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