Now what to do?

Now that I’m done with my TRB submissions, I find myself somewhat nervous because I’m now without a purpose. OK, so not really, but right at this moment, I don’t have anything that //needs// to get done. Of course there is stuff that I could be working on but today was the first day this week that I didn’t come into the office before 7:30. I’ll leave at around 6:30, which is what I’ve been doing all week. (For those of you that are not good with math, that’s 11 hours a day at the office). Anyways, I’m a woman without a purpose.

This morning I took it easy (haha). My landlord is redoing our floors this coming week and my roommate and I are supposed to move everything out of our living room. So this morning at around 7am I started moving my TV (which was super) into my room. My roommate and I moved our futon and couch outside. I’m in charge of the electronics stuff in the house because my roommate doesn’t understand that a coax cable and an ethernet cable do not do the same thing. That was a great conversation this morning. At the end, I seriously reconsidered my choice of staying in the house for another year.

I guess on the bright side, when I set up our wireless network I used my favorite SSID “Trojan Horse” and my favorite WPA2 password “[redacted]” and when she asked about it, I just told her that, that’s how it was set up when I got the router… there were no questions asked. One of the good things about this renovation is that once its done we’ll have wood floors and I think I’m going to hang up the surround sound speakers so that we have true surround sound in the living room. 5.1 surround sound baby!

So I lied about having nothing to do… I have a meeting in 5 minutes.


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