The cookie butter is still staring at me

I still haven’t touched the cookie butter. It’s still staring at me and whispering “Eat me! Eat me now!!” But its all good because I have will power.

In an unfortunate turn of events, I was supposed to have two dates this week but that didn’t happen: one on Wednesday (which I tried to reschedule but the guy evidently lost my number because he didn’t even bother emailing me/calling me back) and one tomorrow (this guy at least had the decency to text me and tell me he couldn’t go. Please note, I was not stood up on Wednesday. I had trivia on Wednesday and this guy suggested doing something on Wednesday and when I told him I couldn’t, he never got back to me.) I guess I should probably mention that I’m trying my hand at this online dating thing again — as you can see its going MARVELOUSLY well. I’m not sure why these two lovely men (please note  the sarcasm) cancelled but I’m not actually too upset about the whole thing. My self-esteem is still in check.

Let’s be honest, it’s not like we agreed to meet a coffee shop, they see me sitting there with my book and a rose, and then walk out because they think I’m ugly or fat or something like that. I know that’s not the case, mostly because I’m neither ugly nor fat; although, I do look like somewhat of a mess today. I’m hoping SOMEONE understood the “You’ve Got Mail” reference.

In any event, that’s life. The beauty of online dating is that I don’t actually know these people, unless you actually have seen them around town or something and even then you still don’t really know them. When this guy cancelled, I didn’t think, “Oh man, I was so excited to meet this guy. Total bummer. x10 sad face.” From our few messages he seemed like a reasonable human being but I don’t know how much you can get from these messages. I think it may just be that I’m skeptical of online dating. In all honesty, my first response to his text was, “At least someone had the manners to inform me that he wasn’t going to be able to go.” My second thought was, “Crap, my roommate is throwing a bachelorette party for her friend and I’m fairly certain I’m not supposed to be at home. What am I going to do now?”

So, the real question is: What should I do Saturday night? Not because I want to eat a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy (although, that shit is delicious) but because I really shouldn’t be home and going to the office on a Saturday night is super lame.

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3 Responses to The cookie butter is still staring at me

  1. trippyb says:

    OK, I must know, what is cookie butter?????

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