I need space

So the cookie butter isn’t staring me in the face because I’ve temporarily relocated my office for a day (or maybe two). I needed space from my temporary office mates.

I’m not sure what it is about the male international students at UC Davis but DAMN lighten up on the cologne. I’m serious. I may sound like a complete ass right now, but most of the international students I know who go here wear an obscene amount of that stuff. True story: when one of the guys came into my new temporary office today, the odor was so strong that I started coughing. Seriously, cut the crap: one spritz is more than enough.

In any event, I’ve started a cookie butter trend. The two guys in my old temporary office both bought cookie butter this weekend. One ate it and said it was OK and that it tasted like cookies he used to eat at home. The other hasn’t opened it yet but said that he read reviews of the stuff and said that they were mixed — some people loved it and some people thought it was ok. It’s a good sign that no one hated it! I’m still not eating it because I’m too afraid that I won’t be able to stop!

The most important news of the day is that in less than 48 hours, I will be in New York/Connecticut possibly eating the best steak in America. I will also be getting new glasses but hopefully I’ll have that worked out before 5:30 especially because I think the glasses store closes at 5. Actually my bad, they close at 5:30, so I was close. I’m super excited to be getting new glasses. Whenever I experience a huge change in my life, I try to change my look a bit — typically through a hair cut. I like the length of my hair and I’m actually trying to grow it out, so a hair cut isn’t really an option. New glasses though — that could be the change I need!

In any event, I would kindly appreciate someone texting me tomorrow to remind me to pack my lens prescription because I’m fairly certain I’m going to forget that and then getting new glasses at home isn’t actually going to happen.

I should probably go because I need to work on a few more things and then head home to start cleaning my room and begin packing.


OH I forgot! Every year we have an annual family barbecue (It’s not actually a barbecue, its more of a cookout but my dad calls it a barbecue) and I have been asked to plan the menu. THE SOUS CHEF HAS BEEN PROMOTED. I am so nervous. What if choose the wrong thing to make? What if no one likes it?

So far the menu looks like this:

  • No pork.
  • Need at least one fish because we have people in our family that are weird and don’t eat real meat
  • At least one dessert
  • Corn

The reason corn is there is because my dad mentioned something about corn. I’m not too keen on the corn, I’d prefer broccolini or grilled eggplant or something but maybe we’ll do corn and something else.

I should mention that this is for 20 people. Cooking is fun but cooking for 20 people gives me a headache.

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