Good morning from Charlotte-Douglas International Airport

Well, I’m almost done flying for the day. I got to Charlotte, NC at 6:20am local time (3:20am California time for those who can’t subtract 3) and boy I AM TIRED.

I’m fairly certain I only got about 2 hours of sleep on my flight from Sacramento — small seats, crying babies, and packed planes will cause this. In any event, when I couldn’t sleep, I looked out the window (I had a window seat) and not to sound corny or anything but the view was so beautiful. There’s no light pollution when you’re 30,000 ft in the air. You look down and you sometimes see lit up cities and other times you see nothing but black, but when you look up you see beautiful stars. I think most times that I take a redeye, I typically sleep the whole flight, but this was a short red-eye (4 hours) and all the other stuff I mentioned let me see the stars, literally. It was pretty cool.

In case you’re wondering, I left the cookie butter in Davis, uneaten.

When I got to Charlotte this morning I found the gate for my flight to New York, I walked up to a pilot who was sitting in the waiting area for a flight to Newport News, VA and I asked him if he could take a detour through New York so I could avoid the three hour layover. He laughed and basically said “hell no.” Someone didn’t want to go to New York, which is unfortunate because the flight to Newport News seemed pretty empty. Oh well.

During this layover I watched the most recent episode of the Newsroom, had some chocolate milk, took my pills, and ate some tortilla chips. When I went to the bathroom there were two ladies (who worked for the airport – one was a bathroom attendant, which is super weird to have a bathroom attendant at an airport, this isn’t a 5 star restaurant. The other I think was a janitor.)  speaking Russian! I put my russian skills to good use and said “Thank you” (in Russian) when the bathroom attendant said have a nice day and she responded “You’re welcome” (in Russian). BAM. HOW’S THAT FOR AWESOME? It’s pretty awesome.

The Charlotte airport is pretty nice. Like Sacramento, they have true free wi-fi, although I have a time limit of 45 minutes — I don’t think Sacramento enforces such a limit. They’re got a ton of Starbucks and they even have a Mrs. Fields cookies, which I avoided because once you eat one you really want to eat another 11.

Anyways, the plane for my flight just got here and I need to change out of my comfy clothes and put a dress on, I am going to Greenwich, CT after all. I need at least make it appear that I’m a girl. 🙂 (which I am, but I certainly don’t dress like it)

Until later.

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