RIP Blog?

Hello everyone,

It’s been awhile. I got back from New York a few days ago and as you probably noticed I’ve been radio silent since I left. But…

That’s just a little shout out to Pretty Little Liars which is this RIDICULOUS teen drama on ABCFamily that has me on the edge of my seat every Tuesday night because in a word, it’s awesome.

Anyways, the last few weeks have been busy: I’ve… booked my flight to China (I’m going to China!!), gotten my visa for China, been on a couple of dates, solved world hunger, and saved the arctic polar bears. I did all that and was still able to have dinner on the table by 7.

Just kidding, who the hell eats dinner at 7? 

For those of you wondering, the cookie butter is still untouched BUT one of my office mates did tell me that he was tempted to eat it while I was gone. He had some in Denver last weekend and LOVED it. It evidently tasted like Christmas.

I’ve sort of gotten back in to work mode but it’s been hard. I left the office yesterday at 3 because a friend wanted to go grocery shopping and I can NEVER pass up grocery shopping! Then we grabbed a beer with one of his friends after and it was a blast. I should also never drink a cider on an empty stomach because I was a bit tipsy last night.

Oh oh oh! Before I forget, I went on a date with a guy WHO MET EDWARD SNOWDEN! I was so excited (on the inside of course), but how cool is that?! PRETTY FREAKING AWESOME.

In a string of random thoughts today– I keep hearing about the Video Music Awards that aired on Sunday night (I guess?). There was an NSync reunion, Miley Cyrus wore something weird, and Lil Kim was wearing clothing (this was the most shocking event of the night, evidently). People who have watched it, is it worth wasting 3 hours of my life?

Keep it real… I’l l be back, like A.

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