I think I know how cheaters in Vegas feel..

when they get caught and have their kneecaps broken.

I went on a 7 mile hike on Sunday with a (former) friend of mine. I say former because no decent human being would ever allow someone to endure the type of exhaustion and pure misery I sustained during this outing. In any event, it hurts to stand on my ankles which is not incredibly fun. The reason I’m telling you this is to lead in to my morning argument between my scooter and my bicycle.

This morning (like every morning) I had the option of driving my scooter or riding my bike to school. I looked at my scooter and it called to me, “Ride me! Your ankles are in pain and you will feel better! Also, I never get used anymore.” My bike’s response was just one word, “Oink.”

Guess what I used to get to school today? The bike. Damn you bike and your evil ways!!

I hope you all had a great labor day weekend. Now it’s time to get back into the groove of life. Leases have started in Davis and people are moving in everyday. I have new neighbors. I haven’t met them yet but they’re both girls (I think there’s only two of them but I could be wrong). One of them has a mini cooper — other than that they seem to be normal. Hopefully I won’t hear them having sex the way I did with the last neighbors.

I should probably let you know that we don’t share a wall with these people, they live in the next house, but I could still hear the guys having sex. Really really loud sex.

In other news, we had a short little thunderstorm in Davis last night. There was a rainbow that came before it. I took a 5 minute video and got some images of the lightning but I’ll post a picture of the rainbow.

Have a good day.

PS One of the best parts of the hiking adventure on Sunday was the fact that I got to go to Savory Spice – my favorite spice store ever!! I got some cocoa powder and ghost pepper salt. Both are amazing.

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