We have a special guest!

Arriving in at around 1:30pm this afternoon, we have a special guest from Boston, Massachusetts. This friend, one of my BFFs, and I (aka three of us) are going to the Yankees-Red Sox game tonight at Yankees Stadium. For $30 a seat we will be about 15 rows from the top of the stadium where none of the action will happen. What will probably happen is our inevitable binge drinking on the train into the game and at the game.

Sadly beer is like $10 a bottle (maybe $12 — I’m not sure) and I don’t even drink that stuff. I’m in the process of seeing what I can and cannot sneak into the stadium.

On to more important stuff… Most of you probably know this already (unless you live in a box, in a shoe, in another box)  but President Obama is in Moscow at the G-20 Summit. Do you know who he’s with? VLADIMIR PUTIN! That’s right, they’re together. You can see them pictured together shaking each other’s hands for a glorious 17 seconds. That’s right, Mr. Obama had the distinct pleasure of touching Vladimir Putin for 17 WHOLE seconds.

I also don’t know how to properly resize a picture.

It’s not looking to be a great G-20 for Obama. No one is really going to back him to take military action in Syria. Even France, surprisingly the US’ strongest supporter on this issue has said that they’re not backing any military action without the UN’s go-ahead, which the U.S. won’t get (Thank you Russia).

Also, Putin called John Kerry a liar and then I think he pulled on his braids or something like that. You know, the stuff that grown-ups do.

Until later.


I don’t know if that video will pop up but it’s great!


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