Ode to Delta Airlines

As a quick aside:

I’ve had 18 views from the Russian Federation today. I must be doing something right! 🙂 привет! (FYI, I do know more than just that)

I’ve learned over the past few months that Russians LOVE their emoticons. It’s actually kind of funny. “Hi I hate you :)” True story, you don’t add a smiley face to the end of that, ever. OK, maybe sometimes… 🙂

The meat of the post:

OK, I’m done with the emoticons. Today has been an interesting day. I spent most of it doing research, which isn’t the interesting part — it’s the reason why I took two advil hoping my migraine will go away. Today started off kind of crappy, but I think I’m turning it around. In fact, as I write this I’ve got a grin that goes from ear to ear. 

It’s really a wonderful thing when people in customer service actually help you out. I think this is why I’m in such a cheerful mood. I tried to book my flight to Poland about 45 minutes ago (I say tried to book because there’s something going on with my bank and I couldn’t complete the payment) and the woman I was speaking to was SUPER HELPFUL. Typically, when I call Delta I feel like I get some angry woman in Atlanta who is like, “Why is this bitch calling me? Doesn’t she know I’ve got better stuff to do?” Today though was amazing! The woman, Heather (I’m using her name in case Delta sees this and decides to give her a raise or a promotion because she definitely deserves it), was so nice and so helpful. We must have gone through 4 different possible itineraries. I should mention that I’m super specific about where I fly — since I’m flying in the winter, I will not connect through Minnesota, Salt Lake City, or Portland just on the off chance that there will be snow delays or cancellations. That leaves me with connections in Atlanta or Los Angeles. Obviously, I prefer the Atlanta connections. There’s something about being able to see friends and just being in the Eastern time zone. 

I was having trouble with the Delta website, so I called the Delta reservations hotline and was put on the phone with Heather. I asked her about short layovers in Paris and being able to make the following flight and she said that if Delta provides you with this option it’s fine and you won’t miss your connection. We then chatted for a bit about my trip and where I wanted to connect through (Atlanta and Paris [or Amsterdam, if need be]). We finally found an itinerary that looked good and wasn’t ridiculously expensive. Because I couldn’t get the same itinerary on the Delta.com website, she waived the $25 phone fee. Since my bank is being dumb, she’s held this confirmation for me until September 15th at the price she quoted me. As I was giving her my credit card information, she asked me if I went to school in Davis because that’s the billing address. She said that she loved Davis and it was such a beautiful school and town — both of which are true. In all honesty, she could have just taken my credit card information and just been totally drab but she wasn’t.  

Anyways, thanks Delta and Heather! You’re pretty awesome!


P.S. this is one of my longest posts in a while. This shows how much love I have for Delta. I don’t even think Putin gets this kind of attention. 

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