When you only see buses.

I’m working on bus forecasts so I only see buses. Moving on…

Happy iPhone release day everyone!

I think Apple should petition the government to make the day that the new iPhone is released a federal holiday. I was on the phone this morning with Verizon technical support (No, I did not buy the new iPhone, although the iPhone 5C in pink or green or yellow would be pretty cool. Mostly because my phone would be pink, green, or yellow.) and Chris (the tech support guy) was saying how its was super hectic this morning with the release. The phones were also sold out and back ordered until the middle to end of October.

Not only that, the stores opened two hours early today to accommodate the herd looking to buy a phone that at this point is designed for grandmothers and small children. I remember when my brother told me that my mother got the Galaxy S3 and I asked him (not sarcastically or jokingly) why on earth she would get an android instead of an iPhone because she would set up the S3 to act like an iPhone. I’m fairly certain that she uses the “Basic” layout on the S3.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m not a huge fan of the iPhone; however,  I did install iOS7 on my iPad 2 and it reminds me of webOS. webOS was the operating system found exclusively on the Palm/HP Pre/Pixi/Veer/Touchpad devices. My family and I joke that Palm only sold 5 of those devices, 3 of which went to myself, my uncle, and my aunt. We all loved the Pre by the way. I loved it so much that I’m back on a Pre for the time being.

In other news (not related to my Palm Pre fandom): Strippers in Russia are super happy with Putin’s stance against U.S. military action towards Syria. They are so happy that a strip club in Moscow (Golden Girl’s Club) has dedicated a calendar to Putin for preventing the U.S. air strikes. The Golden Girls strip club in Russia’s capital calls itself “Moscow’s most prestigious strip club”. This “limited edition” calendar (where you can find all 13 pictures – if you include the cover — online) will only be given to a select number of people.

Each month features a stripper (or two) and an anti-war slogan or statement. The calendar is available in English and Russian; however, I have to admit that I’ve only found the full calendar in Russian. If you’re interested, I can email you the Russian version — it’s saved on my Dropbox.

Have a good weekend, I may be back tomorrow.

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